Monday, July 21, 2008

Master Gardening

Yesterday I saw an article in the Az Daily Star that said "Consider Being a Master Gardener", and I think they were talking directly and specifically to me.
I promptly tore out the page and put it on my desk. Called the phone number on the article first thing this morning and I have to admit - I am so excited about this!

You see, I have been a gardener all of my life. It started out when my children were young and we had no backyard, just an apartment patio. We grew container tomatoes that my son got in the habit of eating the second they were ripe. He is now 27 years old and still has a "thing" for fresh garden tomatoes.

Living in Tucson provides me almost a year-round garden. The garden never gets "put to sleep". We have fresh herbs and vegies. We would also have fresh fruit if I could find a better way to keep the birds out. Our scary owl looks pretty tore-up. His scary days are long gone. I have taken to hanging tin foil and my husband claims that's the old-school ghetto in me coming out.

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