Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Election '08

Okay, I am an Obamaniac. I have the bumper sticker and the monthly contributions to prove it. I promised myself when he made me cry at the Democratic Convention that if he ran, I would be his supporter.

It started out a bit challenging, as I would have been a Hillary supporter, but to be honest with you, Obama simply spoke to us. Our hearts and thankfully, the hearts of so many others in not only our country, but our planet.

This week's global Obama tour is proving to the rest of the world that we ARE still the most awesome country on the planet. My patriotism has soared through this election process - as well as my hope in our future.

Please check out Maureen Dowd's NYTimes column (she publishes every Sunday and Wednesday). She is truly insightful and her wry humor is second to none.

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