Thursday, March 19, 2009

Co-Op Web's March News :: Keep Calm and Carry On

Stiff Upper Lip Meets Mind Showers

"Keep Calm and Carry On" - these are the words from a British Poster, circa 1939. Seems appropriate in our times now, and I love how these words reek of British restraint and stiff upper lip.

This month, my blog has carried the same theme. I have talked about how important yoga is in times like this (actually any form of movement is ultra-important right now.) Or, how about a "mind shower"? That's for days when you see more dark than light - drink a ton of water - at least 8 glasses and flush that negativity (literally) away.

Here, at Co-Op Web, we are right here with you, all along the way. We will "keep calm and carry on" and you will, too. It's the strength of our community and our spirit that will get us through the cycle of life and experiences - to
gether. Thank you!

To see find out more "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster, please go to, .

If you have any questions and topics that you would like for me to address, please feel free to email us at .

Ana Lewis


Witness a Website Makeover

Dana Park, an elegant shopping village in Mesa, Arizona, started construction in 2003. This means, not only the website was being constructed, but the entire shopping village was too! Throughout the construction and after, Triple 5 of Arizona made sure we had enough information to successfully build a comprehensive web site - utilizing architect's renderings and plans, updated photos, including information on every merchant, event and all the while, being available to help potential and current tenants.

Dannel Prutch and the staff at Triple 5 of Arizona have truly been instrumental in the success of this site. Not a week goes by that we don't have updates to the Happenings page and tenant information to keep current. They listen to the tenants and and a result, the website has grown and become an even more important and utilized communication and marketing tool for Dana Park and the it's community.

Here are some of the main items implemented in this month's Website Makeover.:

1. Update overall tone of the site. The actual village is very elegant in under-stated and neutral tones with the colors from nature being the focus. Water features, terra cotta pots, granite and palm trees make this a very special place. We needed to translate that elegance to the web site, as well as include a new, bolder logo to the overall feel.

2. Create a friendlier navigation and layout of the page on the most traffic - the Happenings page.

3. Add a Job Bank. The tenants now add in their own job postings (free of charge) so that site visitors can easily see job openings and how to apply.

4. Add a Tenant Intranet. Triple 5 is able to more easily communicate with the tenants via this online Intranet. A similar Intranet was also installed for their sister mall, Gilbert Town Square.

Please visit the Dana Park Village Square site this month and witness the results of this Website Makeover


The Best Things on the Internet Are Free!

1. Newseum - Front Pages from top Newspapers throughout the US.

2. - can help you find cheap gas prices in your city.

3. Howcast - How-to videos with a sense of humor.

4. PsychCentral - DIY tests for your own self-help support.

5. TripKick - Insider tips about hotel rooms - which ones are the best within a hotel within major cities across the US.

6. Wikipedia - what the Internet is all about. Everything.

7. Zeer - We've all heard the saying "you are what you eat." But how many of us really know what we're putting in our bodies?

8. Get Rich Slowly Blog - The most inspiring money blog.


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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Having a Positve Attitude

I was watching Jean Chatzke on TV the other day and she said the most important financial tip she could give anyone right now is to have a positive attitude.

Sounds easy on most days, but today, it's been a little bit challenging. It's been quiet today. I can usually take it on a beautiful spring day like today. Just open the doors and work on one of my pet projects, but today I have let fear creep in and I have been clinging to my positive attitude like a bad love affair. Not in the healthiest way.

So, I started looking for ways to make my attitude turn around, and here's what's working. I am taking a mind shower. Sound weird? It's done by simply drinking a lot of water. Flushing out all that fear and negativity - literally. Try it, it helps. Drink those 8 glasses of water and let them bathe your insides.

Never underestimate the power of a positive attitude. A friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago. She said that when she would go to the doctor, you could almost divide the room in half - the survivors and the non-survivors because of their attitude. She survived. Thank goodness.

I get resumes everyday right now. I loan money on to small businesses. How do I choose who I will loan to or hire? Look at their faces and smiles. I posted the photo of my favorite loan recipient, Clementine. Look at her! That woman has a great attitude -- and she paid back her loan faster than any of the other 12 I have loaned to. I would loan again to her anytime.

Have a good day and if the recession is getting to you, take a mind shower.

Sat Nam,

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Top Ten Yoga Tip to Weather the Recession

Some of my favorite Kundalini Yoga teachers are Ravi and Ana. They have created a wonderful line of DVDs for practicing at home and I have quite a collection of them. I received an email from one of my teachers, Julianne Montano and it included an email excerpt from This is so wonderful, I had to share:

Top Ten Yoga Tips to Weather the Recession

1. Commit to daily Kundalini Yoga & Meditation (even if you only have 15 minutes!).
Kundalini Yoga done daily can help you stay, in spite of external pressures, in a very positive place which will then become a self-fulfilling prophecy.
2. Opportunities always exist. As long as there are human beings there will be social networks and there will be commerce. Kundalini Yoga will give you the awareness and confidence to perceive and act on the opportunities around you.
3. Now is a good time to practice lightening your load and simplifying your life. Do you really need a new pair of skis when your current pair are perfectly fine?
4. Don't let the media's gloomy forecasts color your thinking. Everything is cyclical. There will be an upswing as assuredly as spring will come.
5. Many people base their self worth on their economic station in life. Times like these are a blessing in disguise, because they allow us to go deeper to find out who we really are.
6. Know that because your identity is Infinity, abundance is your birthright.. Abundance is much more than your net worth. It's the recognition of Infinity in you.
7. Keep your Navel Center strong. More than anything else, this will help you be victorious, accomplish great things, and orchestrate positive outcomes.
8. Call your local house of worship, dept. of social services, or community center, and ask how you can be of service to those in need.
9. There is a powerful technique which flies in the face of logic but allows you to create a relationship with the source of all abundance. It's called tithing. Commit to giving a percentage of your income to a good cause or those in need, even when not convenient. It's a law of the Universe that those who give will always have.
10. Bottom line: we're hoping that your yoga practice is helping you to love yourself, no matter where you are with regard to the circumstances of your life. Give yourself the same patience, love, understanding, and encouragement you would give to a dear friend, loved one, or stranger in need!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Road Trip!

Are you thinking of taking a trip over Spring Break this year? How do you budget for a trip in this economy?

In my attempts to get my husband and I out of town, I have discovered a really wonderful tool online that I would like to share. It's called "Cost to Drive". Input your starting and end points and the "Galculator" will tell you the exact distance, the driving time, how much it will cost and even your carbon footprint from the trip.