Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Herbal Remedies

We have a lot of calendula in our garden and it is planting and replanting itself. It has kind of become a medicinal patch out there. So... what to do with all of this calendula?

Here's a super simple to make salve using Calendula flowers:

Calendula Healing Salve
For skin irritations, bites, stings, rashes.

Calendula blossoms
1 qt. olive oil
6 - 8 oz. Beeswax
18 2 oz. or 36 1 oz. Jars
3 tsp. vitamin E oil as preservative

An herb room, which is part of a natural food store, carries all these supplies.
Make an herbal oil two weeks ahead of time with desired herbs. (We will use calendula petals):
Harvest calendula petals. Blot if wet. Crush or bruise petals by rubbing in hands. Place herbs in glass, quart jar and add olive oil. Cover jar with tight lid and rotate to mix herbs with oil. Infuse for two weeks. Pour strained herbal oil into old pot and gently heat to simmer. Add beeswax an ounce at a time. After each beeswax addition is fully melted test consistency by spooning out a small amount and letting it cool. Test by rubbing on skin. If too oily or mushy add more beeswax until desired texture is achieved. Should feel somewhat like soft chapstick or lipbalm. Add vitamin E oil.
Pour into jars right away, and secure lids. It will start hardening immediately.
Adapted by Caprice Potter from a recipe out of The Herbs of Life, by Lesley Tierra.

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