Friday, July 25, 2008


Today I spent some time in the garden. Planted more peppers - anchos, bells and a few jalapenos (since we can't buy them at the store right now). I also planted eggplant and more tomatoes. I also threw down some mulch and coffee grounds to help these new babies stay protected and grow.

Our Tucson summers are so hellacious that working in the garden again after a month and a half hiatus is a joy. I am re-gaining my routine and having fun with it again. This morning, I practiced yoga, had breakfast with my husband, then worked in the garden - and it was all done before 9am! Then I was able to get cleaned up and get to work. It feels great.

Everyday, I have been doing a little more - filling in spaces, making plans and gearing up for the fall crop. It's always the best time of the year for our garden. We get another round of juicy tomatoes and tons of foods to feed our family and friends with.

My goal is to eat what I grow - as much as possible. Then, when possible - buy local to fill in the blanks. Still a long way from goal, but the vision and aim are clear.

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