Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Set Your Super Power Free!

Recently a dear friend of mine posed the question, if you could choose a superhero power, what would it be?  This simple question got me thinking of all of the super powers I would love to have.

Think of these amazing powers:
- Everywhere I would walk, flowers would appear
- I would be able to repair our environment - patch the ozone hole with a swish of my hands
- I could grant every pet a home
- I would be able to heal people and animals just with my very presence

Then I thought... gosh, so many of us can pick a super power and act those powers out in our mortal, human way.  It would not be instantaneous, but it would be powerful, indeed.

For example, what if I chose my super power to be everywhere I walked, flowers would appear and I live out that power in my mortal way.  I could do the following things:

1. Plant a flower garden in my own yard
2. Hang flower baskets on my patios
3. Start flowers from seedlings and put in little pots
4. Bring those little pots of home-grown flowers with me to family and friends when visiting
5. Send home-grown flowers to school with the children to give to teachers and faculty
6. See if potted flowers can be taken to nursing homes, pediatric hospitals, etc.

You could live your super power in everything that you do and with every life you touch.

What would your super power be?  And how would you make it come to life in your human form?

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