Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Co-Op Web's New Site, New Tools for Your Business

Exciting News!!

Co-Op Web, Inc., an award-winning, Tucson based web design firm, was founded in 1998 by Ana Lewis, CEO, MPM, PME, a 15-year Internet veteran, certified Master Project Manager and Project Manager E-Business. Our primary focus is our business client’s needs – and how the Internet can meet those needs. Our long-time experience in the Internet industry ensures Co-Op Web remains focused on designing websites that meet our customer’s needs by analyzing current market trends, developing effective Internet strategies, and utilizing a simple skill – listening.

Listening is how we discovered that we needed to offer more information to our clients and followers, thus the inspiration for this new design for Co-Op Web.

New and Valuable information we are now offering:

1. Do-it-yourself - Yes you can! And we give you the tools in which to do so.

2. The most common question I get is, “How much will it cost?” – please check out our section to find out. This form must now be filled out by all new/potential clients.

3. Free matters - see how you can best utilize the Internet via free applications and software.

4. Community – The Internet is global and I believe the best way to be found is by participating in community. Please check out our newest community, Women on the Verge, to see how wonderful it truly is.

6. WordPress – While we have worked on WordPress for many of our clients, I decided to try it out for ourselves, too., with this site The software is offered on the servers that we host on and it’s free!

If you have any questions and topics that you would like for me to address, please feel free to email us at contact@co-opweb.com

Ana Lewis, CEO, MPM, PME

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