Tuesday, October 27, 2009

29 Gifts

Did anyone see Cami Walker ont he Today Show this week? She was diagnosed with MS and followed a therapy given to her by her spiritual guide.

Here's her story:
I'm a writer, artist and healer who lives in Los Angeles, California. I worked in advertising for "the big boys" for a long time, helping companies who already have millions of dollars make millions more. After about 15 years of focusing on making money for these giants, I found myself feeling empty, unfulfilled and struggling with a serious health condition (Multiple Sclerosis) that required I stop living my over-driven lifestyle. Now my focus is on helping build companies and community projects that are spiritually-centered and wildly profitable on all levels. I created the 29-Day Giving Challenge to encourage my friends, family, clients and hopefully many strangers to give back to our communities--and as a way to help me heal.
Give one thing away each day for 29 days. Share your stories about how it impacts your life to focus on giving. Join the 29-Day Giving Challenge today. Why? Because to see our world change, we have to do something to change our world. Plus, the best way to attract abundance into your life is to be in a perpetual state of giving and gratitude. Be an important part of the global giving movement that inspires more generosity on our planet.

On the Today Show, Ms. Walker stated that she used to use a cane to walk with and now no longer needs it. She credits this miraculous turnabout to giving. I do not agree her disagree with her methods, however, the spirit of giving is always a good thing, regardless ofyour motivation.

Please go to: http://www.29gifts.org/ if you are interested in finding out more.

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