Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our Bull Snake

I just witnessed a very huge snake on our patio. He was about 6+ feet long and proceeded to slowly slither on the concrete, then lift up and methodically make himself at home in one of our potted asparagus ferns. He totally disappeared! Every so often I see a few fronds move, but only because I am watching.

The very large snake has been around our house for quite some time -- maybe a few years. This is his/her home. Apparently they are somewhat territorial and that is okay by me. I would rather have a bull snake share our home with us than a rattler. Also, they are quite good at keeping down the vermin population. Anyone that has ever lived in the desert knows - there's quite a huge pack rat, kangaroo mouse and prairie dog population.

We have on quite a few occasions found this bull snake's shed skin over the last couple of years, but he has rarely been seen by humans. I am thinking, if he is going to be around a while, we should probably name him/her. Any suggestions?

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Anonymous said...

I just found today a HUGE snake like this by my garden. It hissed and rattled. It was mean and tried to attack me. I had to call the police because I didn't know if it was someone's escape pet snake, plus I just didn't know what to do. The snake had to be killed because it was soo mean. I came across your pic of this snake on the net. No one knew what kind of snake I had. But after seeing this pic, I'm pretty sure it was a Bull Snake;)