Monday, October 10, 2016

The Connection


Recently I took a class by Tosha Silver, who teaches a technique in one of her classes to connect with the Divine, which includes closing your second chakra, and opening your fourth and sixth chakras.  I followed her instruction (anyone can learn to do this) and the below is the result of what I learned and continue to learn.  

I use the word "God" when speaking in regard to the Divine, however, am not tied to any titles or labels.  I also want to let you know before reading this, that I am simply sharing my vision.  I have no interest in debating religious viewpoints or proving a point.  I am no religious scholar, no judge, no expert in this field.  Just a human-being sharing a beautiful vision of inclusion and non-judgement.


Silently, during our morning meditation today, instead of doing the mantra as instructed, I asked God to show me what I need to be shown.  I had no idea what would happen, but it feels real and the more I think about it, it feels right.

God told me that the reason we can’t physically see him/her is because we can’t wrap our brains around how truly vast he/she is and what he/she truly looks like.

Every single thing in this universe is his/her creation.  I was shown people, animals, trees, planets, stars, suns, moons - everything is connected.  And that is what God, in actuality, is:  THE CONNECTION.

When we truly understand that and honor our planet, animals, other humans, ourselves and feel the connection, we feel God. 

In my meditation, God looked like webbing, or fine white threads that connected everything, whether we were aware of it or not.  This is how God is everywhere, in everything and infinite.

Nothing physical, nothing external, nothing internal ceases The Connection from existing.

No Judgement

How do we practice our Connection?  Thereby, how do we spend more time with God?

  • Acknowledge each other - every smile, handshake, hug, talk, shared laughter with another person puts you in Connection.
  • Play with our pets, nurture and appreciate wildlife.
  • Nurture a plant, grow a garden, plant a tree.
  • Look at the stars, sit under a full moon, bathe in the sun.
  • Swim in a lake or ocean.

Over time we realize, acknowledge and appreciate that all this is alive and connected, we feel the vibration of the Connection.  The vibration comes from natural things, however, nothing or no one can cease it from existing.

When someone dies, we feel the vibration.  It feels like it stops, but God tells me that the Connection is still there, but at a frequency that most humans are unable to detect.

Why do some people kill?  Wouldn’t killing others - whether it’s working at a slaughterhouse, or being a murderer kill your own connection, too?  

God said, no.  Nothing kills the connection.  Nothing.  No one.  The Connection is always there no matter what.

However, one must remember, said God, when my children feel, acknowledge and live in the Connection they are happier, more joyful and live more fully.

Pass It On

What do I do with this information?

Share it.  First write it down and share it with your husband, then share with your children and the rest of the family.  You will be shown who to share it with as the time comes.  God says this information is the key to understanding, and ultimately it’s the key to peace.

Who are all of these people/Gods we have followed through the ages?  Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Shiva, etc.?  

God said these are his messengers, and there are many messengers, some famous, some not.  And now, I am too a messenger.  I find that seriously hard to believe, I said.  But God insisted.  With the sharing of this information as instructed, I am a messenger and a servant for the greater good.  God said once I begin sharing my life will never be the same.  Yeah, I told him everyone will think I’m whacko.  However, whacko or not, I am grateful, because it just feels right.

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