Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Top 10 Yoga Bodies

Um no--not that type of body! These days, most people are so fixated on all things physical that they neglect their subtle bodies. The fact is that every one of us actually has 10 bodies, and they're all equally important. The !0 Body model, like the chakras, describes us in a multi-dimensional sense. Keep 'em all fit and toned with a regular Kundalini Yoga practice!

1. Soul Body - Our soulful self, uncomplicated and pure. It represents conscious attachments and 'nostalgia for the Infinite.' It lives forever

2. Negative Mind - It calculates possible pitfalls in any situation. It's the urge to merge and represents pure devotion.

3. Positive Mind - Our optimistic impulse. It represents expansion and magnamimity. This is the gift that keeps on giving.

4. Neutral Mind - The meditative or yogic mind. Dispassionate overview and non-reactivity. The ability to witness the play of life and not get caught up in duality is to be liberated and grounds for ecstasy.

5. Physical Body - This represents balance and the ability to sacrifice: putting our bodies on the line to be Divine. 5 is a teaching number.

6. Arcline - Extreme focus. Life radar. Quickness of thought and penetrating quality of mind. Protects us against external negativity and ill will.

Magnetic Field - The beauty and brightness of our personal presence. Uplifts everyone within our spheres of activity.

8. Pranic Body - Endless energy. Fearlessness and healing.

9. Subtle Body - Our rarefied self. Fine tuning. Inspired creativity. Not bound by time and space. Perceives the whispers of Creation.

10. Radiant Body - Personal Majesty. Ability to comport oneself like a King or Queen. Nerves of steel. Ability to stand out and take a stand.

Bonus Body: 11.
Mastery: Your Destiny is your Deliverance.

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