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Co-Op Web's April News :: Spring Forward

Springing Forward :: Co-Op Web - April 09 News

Work, work, work

Sometimes you just have to take some time off, and sometimes you just have to be grateful that you are busy and keeping out of trouble.

Today I am writing to you on my birthday. It happens every year, whether I am ready for it to spring itself on me or not. This year, my dear friend, Helen is insisting that I take the day off, but thankfully we are busy today. So that day off thing is not to be - and for that I am ever grateful.

I have been so anxious to tell all of you how much I am loving Twitter. I am extremely endeared toward this amazing service, as it reminds me of back in 1994, when I first started in the Internet. It's community, it's sharing and it's free. Everything I love about the Internet is all right here. I have been so inspired by the people I am following and everyday I look forward to their brilliance and fun. Please see the Introductory Special at the bottom of this email to see how we can help your business join in on the Twitter fun at a super great rate.

If you have any questions and topics that you would like for me to address, please feel free to email us at .

Ana Lewis


Witness a Website Makeover

Mission Statement: Gadabout commits excellence to you, our clients, and our community.

Pamela McNair-Wingate opened the first Gadabout Salon in 1979 with a staff of eight in an 800 square feet space. It had seven hair stations, one manicurist, a receptionist and a make-shift facial room. Today the Kansas City born hair designer oversees an impressive multi-million dollar, award-winning business that includes seven salon locations in Tucson including Gadabout Man, Arizona’s first day spa for men, as well as VerVe, an Aveda Lifestyle Concept Salon and Salone Gadabout in Alberobello, Bari, Italy.

Megan Davis and the staff at Gadabout SalonSpas have been committed to their Mission Statement in every step of the process in creating their website functions and design capabilities. Not a week goes by that we don't have updates to the site and ideas flying about like popcorn. They listen to their guests and and a result, the website has grown and become an even more important and utilized communication and marketing tool.

Here are some of the main items implemented in this month's Website Makeover.:

1. Update overall tone of the site. Gadabout SalonSpas is very elegant and state-of-the-art in everything that they do. We needed to translate that elegance to the web site, as well as include some new features in the site.

2. Create a friendlier navigation and layout of the page on the most traffic and increase the focus on Community.

3. Add the capability to make Reservations online.

4. Add a company Intranet. Currently this is utilized to showcase an in-salon video via the Internet on a flat-screened TV of Gadabout's menu of services and products.

5. Add Twitter!

6. Create the Gadagirl Simply Beautiful Contest - where women in all ages can enter themselves to win some fabulous prizes.

Please visit the Gadabout SalonSpas site this month and witness the results of this Website Makeover

The Best Things on the Internet Are Free!

1. YogaToday - Wake up each morning to a free one-hour yoga class from beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

2. Goodreads - the largest social network for readers in the world. They have over 2,000,000 members ranging from casual readers to bona-fide bookworms.

3. Serious Eats- is a website focused on celebrating and sharing food enthusiasm through blogs and online community.

4. Nymbler - Choosing a baby name just got more inspired, thanks to an ingenious calculator that uses phonetics to give you fresh ideas.

5. TinyURL - Web addresses are annoyingly long and unwieldy — especially when you're displaying search results from just about any website. If you want to cut a seemingly infinite URL down to size, head to:

6. Mobaganda - Evite is out. Mobaganda is in. Launched in May, 2008, this new site simplifies online party invitations and RSVPs.

7. Urban Dictionary - The language you really need to know to keep up — in the U.S. anyway — is street lingo. Examples are: "boyfriend bomb" (when the woman you are interested in reveals that she has a boyfriend) or "text support" (encouragement from friends sent via text message).

8. Modern Feed- A huge warehouse of TV shows available to watch on your computer. From classics (Dark Shadows anyone?) to current shows.


Time to Twitter


Starting from scratch or even if you have already created your Twitter account,
we can run with it and make it even more amazing for you -- taking it to the next level.

Here's what we offer:
Set up and work Twitter, includes:
a. creation (create a personal design) of twitter account, anticipated 2000 followers in 3-4 weeks, with 5-20 'tweets' a week.
b. creation of squidoo lens.
c. basic SEO on some real competitive keywords.
d.est 30 hours over 3-4 weeks @ $25 an hour (this is an introductory rate and is subject to change) = $750

Contact Joli or Julie today to take advantage of this Introductory Offer!
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Tucson, AZ 85749 | 520 572 0081

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