Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Top Ten Yoga Tip to Weather the Recession

Some of my favorite Kundalini Yoga teachers are Ravi and Ana. They have created a wonderful line of DVDs for practicing at home and I have quite a collection of them. I received an email from one of my teachers, Julianne Montano and it included an email excerpt from This is so wonderful, I had to share:

Top Ten Yoga Tips to Weather the Recession

1. Commit to daily Kundalini Yoga & Meditation (even if you only have 15 minutes!).
Kundalini Yoga done daily can help you stay, in spite of external pressures, in a very positive place which will then become a self-fulfilling prophecy.
2. Opportunities always exist. As long as there are human beings there will be social networks and there will be commerce. Kundalini Yoga will give you the awareness and confidence to perceive and act on the opportunities around you.
3. Now is a good time to practice lightening your load and simplifying your life. Do you really need a new pair of skis when your current pair are perfectly fine?
4. Don't let the media's gloomy forecasts color your thinking. Everything is cyclical. There will be an upswing as assuredly as spring will come.
5. Many people base their self worth on their economic station in life. Times like these are a blessing in disguise, because they allow us to go deeper to find out who we really are.
6. Know that because your identity is Infinity, abundance is your birthright.. Abundance is much more than your net worth. It's the recognition of Infinity in you.
7. Keep your Navel Center strong. More than anything else, this will help you be victorious, accomplish great things, and orchestrate positive outcomes.
8. Call your local house of worship, dept. of social services, or community center, and ask how you can be of service to those in need.
9. There is a powerful technique which flies in the face of logic but allows you to create a relationship with the source of all abundance. It's called tithing. Commit to giving a percentage of your income to a good cause or those in need, even when not convenient. It's a law of the Universe that those who give will always have.
10. Bottom line: we're hoping that your yoga practice is helping you to love yourself, no matter where you are with regard to the circumstances of your life. Give yourself the same patience, love, understanding, and encouragement you would give to a dear friend, loved one, or stranger in need!

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