Monday, July 18, 2011

Zendoodling: A First Attempt

Last week I was doing a search on mandalas, when the term "zendoodling" came up.  Creating a mandala from doodling.  Brilliant!

All you need to do is follow your heart.  Just draw what you feel. 

I saw a wonderful inspirational video, that perfectly showcases how this form of art is simple fun - and intimidating.:

During my research I found some fabulous, more sophisticated zendoodles on a site completely dedicated to the art form aptly called, ZenTangle.

This is my very first zendoodle, but I can already saw I am addicted.  I have been carrying my sketch pad with me everywhere, thinking about what my next step would be.  My newer works (that are not completed yet), are on a smaller sketch pad, so that won't get cropped in scanning and sharing.

I used the following tools: