Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Making Our Own Dreams Come True

So many times recently I have sat down to write, only to get my mind moving in a hundred different directions on what I would like to talk about. So much to catch up on.

First of all, I wanted to give a little update on my yoga practice. In Kundalini Yoga, is recommended to practice a technique for 40 days minimum. So, in accordance with that, I used a dvd by Ravi Singh and Ana Brett called, "Journey through the Chakras". I practiced daily for the entire month of October and the first half of November. I LOVE this dvd. Please do try it for a terrific way to open up your chakras and get to the true you.

Second, through this set, I started (and finished) a ba-zillion things. I did tons of home projects and planted an herb garden. These two things may not seem like a lot, but they really stem from the realization that only I can make my dreams come true.

For example, one dream - to have an indepth herb garden. I have always grown herbs, however, I wanted to really, really grow herbs. Make them special and have a lot of them to choose from. If I ever grow up, maybe someday I will be an herbalist. The lore behind them, not to mention using them for cooking, medicine, drinks and to simply sit near them and inhale -- all enchant my every sense.

Our home. Greg and I have spoken about our home and all of the things that we wanted to do to make it ours. These past months, we have rearranged bedrooms, painted half the house and created a colorful/cheery/sunny/delightful kitchen. We are far from done, but it's been quite cleansing to remove old wallpaper, get bold with colors and to make the little things matter.

Making our own dreams come true... it's magic.

Thank you,